Testimonials – What Our Clients Say

A few testimonials and letters we received from our clients.

July 21, 2015

Dear Mr. Neve

I like to thank you and the wonderful staff of your organization for helping me in my most disparate times. I lost my job several months ago and it has been hard with three kids and no spouse. Your assistance is a God sent to our family. I hope to repay your organization when I'm back on my feet.

Sincerely,  Marcy J.


August 14, 2015

Dear Reaching-Out,

Words can not express my gratitude for helping me in my time of struggle.

As a senior, I live off a small social security income, and I can hardly pay my rent.

The food stamps I receive would never get me through the month and there were times

I went without meals just to make sure I can have enough food for the month. The food pantry has helped me greatly, I just want you to know that this program makes a great difference to me and I'm sure so many the need a helping hand. Thank you, thank you and all that help me at your program, I like you to know that the staff there are very kind and make me feel so welcomed. Thank you again.

Grateful,   Mrs. Mary M,


September 2, 2015

Mr. Neve

I like to mention to you that the women who does the food stamps services is so pleasant and so helpful to me. I'm so pleased to know you process food stamps at you office. I believe the person that assist me was Jenny, so patient and kind.

It is such a great relief not to have to go to the HRA office, I have spent over 5 hours there and was treated with such disrespect. It's not that I even want to be on food stamps, but I have no other choice right now until I can secure another job. At my age of 55, its hard to find work, I keep on hoping I will one day.   But I just wanted to thank you and your staff personally.  Thank God for all of you and the hard work you do for others.

Sincerely,  Margaret S.