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Our Summer Youth Employment Program

The Summer Youth Employment Program started two weeks ago. Reaching-Out help's to keep our children off the streets and engaged in the work force. These youths are employed by the DYCD Summer Program, which will help them learn and develop work skills. We can always use a helping hand, and they do help us Keep…
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From The Floor To The Bed

Through our Family Support Fund Program, we had once again visited another family of three yesterday. A mother and her two young sons, ages 4 and 9 live in this one room rental. The mother shared with us a few days ago that they only have a one small broken down bed, for which the…
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Reaching-Out with the Catholic Guild for the blind

As a member of the Brooklyn Chamber's Ambassador Committee, I have been involved with the Not-for-Profit Summit for the past two years. On December 2, 2014, at the behest of Investors Bank - the exclusive sponsors for the annual summit - a follow-up event was held at Cooklyn's Restaurant to solicit feedback from the varied…
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