Donate: In Memory of

In Memory of Someone with a Gift Donation... 

Yes, In Memory of a special person and help make a difference in the lives of Families in need.
A gift donation to help families & individuals is a fitting tribute to someone special because with your support we can provide food and other services to those who are facing hardship.
When you donate $20 or more per gift, we will send a certificate to the person you wish to be In Memory of a special person by you.Click here In Memory of a special person someone with a Gift Donation

To donate by check click here and fill out the form.

Please note that even though we use PayPal as our Donation Gateway,
YOU DO NOT NEED a PayPal account to donate by credit card. 

You can use your credit card without a PayPal account. 

Simply use the "Credit Card" area on the PayPal page
and you can donate with your credit card without PayPal.

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