From The Floor To The Bed

Through our Family Support Fund Program, we had once again visited another family of three yesterday.

A mother and her two young sons, ages 4 and 9 live in this one room rental. The mother shared with us a few days ago that they only have a one small broken down bed, for which the 11 year old sleeps on, the mother and her four year old sleeps on the floor made of cardboard and a blanket.

Other than witnessing the deplorable condition of the housing they live in, it was enough to bear for me and my staff member, Radame Lopez as we tried to hold back our tears for the children living conditions. The single mom works part time cleaning homes just to get by to pay her 450.00 rent.

Our Food Program brings comfort and relief to her knowing they would be able to have food on their table.

That day, we told the mom your prayers have been answered, the children will have beds the next day. We order beds and a table with chairs as well, since they didn't have anywhere to eat together. Yesterday, the children and the mom had a normal comfortable sleep. The mother called today to express her tearful thanks for helping them.

image016 image014 table-chairs


This is all possible through the funding support we receive from two wonderful foundations, The Howard E. Stark Charitable Foundation & The Keith Haring Foundation. Since the need is greater than the funds we are able to secure, we carefully choose families in the most desperate state of need. Each home is visited by our staff to ensure the need is evident. We are grateful along with the families to these foundations that enable is to witness the gratification of those we are providing hope and relief to.

For those who help sponsor this program monthly or as a one-time donation, we thank you as well, your continual support enables us to ensure that funding will be available throughout the year for us to help our neighbors in need. At this time we only have a small handful of partners, we hope that more will partner with us to "Keep The Good Going".