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▪ Our Food Pantry: is a “Digital style Client-Choice” this enables our clients to select food items to fit their cultural, family preferences, and dietary needs. We believe this arrangement is more dignified than pre-selecting the
food and distributing it to the client The RCS food pantry also creates an environment in which the needy seniors, individuals, and families receives assistance with dignity.
▪ Social Service assistance: as part of the intake process we counsel clients about social services such as Medicare, Medicaid, housing subsidies and other eligible benefits. We work on behalf of our clients by directly contacting the
appropriate agencies. We assist each client, step by step, and fill out applications to receive benefits. Many of our clients are unaware of these benefits. We assist them in determining eligibility and applying for those benefits they are eligible for.
▪ Electronic Food Stamp Site: RCS participates in an on-site citywide pilot program to assist individuals and families apply for food stamps. RCS is pleased to be part of this new and innovative initiative geared toward increasing the
number of eligible New Yorkers receiving much-needed food stamps.
▪ Nutrition and Health Education: throughout the year RCS offers nutritional workshops staffed by a New York State certified nutritionist. These workshops can lead to a healthier lifestyle which includes: menu planning; recipes
and food safety sessions; teaching individuals and parents how to prepare healthier meals; and help in establishing good nutrition practices.
▪ Level-Up Educational Program: Our Level-Up program helps both young and adult learners obtain the educational and job readiness and placement skills required to become independent and self-sufficient.
ESL Classes: For Adults Summer Tutoring: available for students in grade levels 2-8.
▪ Free Tax Assistance: RCS provides free tax preparation services to low-to-moderate income New Yorkers and nformation on the credits they may be entitled to. Our free tax services can be a significant step from poverty to
▪ F.E.A.T. (Firsthand Emergency Action Team): this team deploys assistance to communities experiencing any form of emergency, as well as supporting disaster and recovery efforts, with food and supplies.
▪ Family Support Fund: is designed for the sole purpose of helping a family in need of beds, furniture, clothes, essential emergency items, etc. This support provides the means and resources that families need to find a measure
of comfort and stability in their time of hardship especially when other avenues of support are unavailable. Prior to any decision, all potential candidate homes will be visited upon to assure the legitimacy of the need.
In addition to our everyday endeavors, we provide compassionate, altruistic, and caring events such as:
▪ The Big Backpack Giveaway – Provide school supplies for children in need.
▪ Operation Gobbler Giving - Families receive a turkey with trimmings for Thanksgiving.
▪ Operation Christmas Smiles - Over 700 children of low-income families receive toys, food and refreshments, meet with Santa and holiday characters, entertainment (magic show, face painting, balloonist) arcade games and prizes.
Fundraisers to Fill Empty Plates: Annual Walk Against Hunger and Annual Dinner Gala for the Fight Against Hunger
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