Operation Gobbler Giving Donation

Operation Gobbler Giving

Sponsor a family of $20.00 to receive a turkey and a food package.

Every year Reaching-Out provides turkeys and all the trimmings to families that are in desperate need of help. Unfortunately, this year we are challenged with more families than ever. We are not able to provide a Thanksgiving dinner for every family because of the great increase in families that come to us for help. But there is a way we can possibly meet the needs and help provide a Thanksgiving dinner for all with your help and support. I’m reaching out to you for this support!!!! Would you be able to provide a donation of $20.00 or more to help a family receive a Thanksgiving dinner which we will distribute to those families that are facing hardship? This donation will go only for the sole purpose of providing a turkey and all the trimmings.


Please note that even though we use PayPal as our Donation Gateway,
YOU DO NOT NEED a PayPal account to donate by credit card. 

You can use your credit card without a PayPal account. 

Simply use the "Credit Card" area on the PayPal page
and you can donate with your credit card without PayPal.